Thursday, 2 June 2011

Noisy Nights Electrics Preparation

I'm trying something new at Noisy Nights. I'm planning to route the three instruments through Logic and manipulate them live using plug ins. The samples will be triggered by a max patch, set to a timer (with a cheeky over-ride button, of course). The MAX patch is done, it's a simpler version of the Sea Longing patch I used with Mr McFalls Chamber. The logic stuff is prepared and now I have an afternoon of testing, chasing faults and re-patching. Wish me luck.

If I get out of here with the piece intact this afternoon I can treat myself to a visit to the Border Gatherin' this weekend, with the fabulous Lori Watson, Innes Watson and Gordon Turnbull.

Check it out, maybe I'll see you there, or at Noisy Nights in Edinburgh on Monday.

Border Gatherin

Noisy Nights