Thursday, 3 October 2013

Cerdd/ed Part 2

After a summer’s sojourn in Beijing I’ve returned to Wales, with a little something in my suitcase. I’ve brought Linda Yi with me, a fabulous researcher who I met in China.

Linda and I are perched around the kitchen table at Geraint and Tracey’s house, planning our next steps on the Cerdd/ed project. Sadly, the band I was working with were unable to continue with the project, and so we’ve been revisioning what the piece will look like.

I’ll be taking Linda out to see the town, meet some of the people involved in the project, and see some of the places that the music is based on. She’ll be interviewing people and taking inspiration from walking in the landscape and mixing this all up with the work I did in the primary school last year. Add to this, poet Mark Parry who will be creating lyrics based on these ‘inspirations’ and we have the beginnings of an interactive site specific piece.

Musically, I will create a bed of found sounds, and interview clips, which will be triggered by the children, using miners lamps and a light sensitive camera wired to a sampler which I am building in my laptop. Over this landscape, I will weave an electric fiddle, and acoustic fiddle, to bring together the past and the present of the town, and two voices, one singing in Welsh and one in English. This will be accompanied by local musicians, Geraint Roberts and Tracy Hayles, on Welsh pipes and ‘cello, plus friends from their traditional music circle.

So my role is to rescore the band piece for the traditional musicians, turn Mark’s poetry into lyrics, turn found sound into sculptural noise, select the interview snippets, sculpt them into phrases which weave together, build the electronics patch which will allow the children to control the samples via the miner’s lamps and rehearse the piece with the musicians and children combined.

October is looking like it will be busy but lots of fun!